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Tin Pan Sally is a musical set in America during the Great Depression. Join Sally and her ghetto street gang as they uncover and foil a counterfeit operation involving the local mobster Lily Lucre and Mayor Buckledime. The show has everything from corrupt policemen to dancing girls.


This musical is packed with catchy, original songs with chorus sections and solos. The main character is Sally (female if you hadn't guessed) and there are lots of other roles for girls too. The storyline, songs, characters, artwork and gallery are below, so take a peek and get a feel for the show before you put it into production!

Drama drama drama

With some great characters to dress up as (and then even disguises for those characters to put on) and some very dramatic scenes to act out (a fake labour indeed!), performers love taking part in Tin Pan Sally and (whether sporting American accents or not) learning some of the ins and outs of America's Great Depression.


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The characters fall into one of four groups.

  1. The Tin Pan Gang
  2. The Law
  3. The Mob
  4. The City Hall Officials

Break-down of characters as follows:

The Tin Pan Gang

Tin Pan Sally (Girl) The heroin of our story. Tough, tomboyish. She feels protective towards the rest of the gang because she is the eldest. Underneath the tough exterior is a young girl who dreams of getting married to a handsome and honest man. She falls in love with Officer Key. Strong singer required.

Spike (Girl) Sally’s right-hand girl. Dangerous and edgy. Always jumping to conclusions. However, she is loyal and a great asset to the gang. You would be thankful of her in a scrap.

Pintsize (Boy) Newest recruit to the gang. So called because of his diminutive size.

Mona (Girl) Always down and pessimistic. Never hopeful and constantly complaining.

Hornet (Girl) Accomplished pickpocket and con artist.

Switch (Girl) Another con-artist. Hornet’s accomplice.

Ma Faker (Girl) Older character, wise, ex-con artist. She now feeds and looks after the gang. Strong singer required.

The Law

Sergeant Bribski (Boy) Police sergeant of the old school. Brutal and corrupt. In the pocket of The Mob. Strong singer required.

Officer Key (Boy) Young officer and Bribski’s partner. New to the job. Idealistic and naive. Instrumental in The Mob’s downfall. He falls in love with Sally. Strong singer required

Federal Agent Goody (Boy) Officer Key’s uncle. Good guy, supporter of justice.

The Mob

Lily Lucre (Girl) Villainess of our story. Obsessed with money. Cruel and vain, she runs an illegal speak-easy and launders counterfeit money through city accounts. Strong singer required.

Titch (Boy) Lily’s muscle. Don’t be fooled by his size. Has a reputation with the ladies.

Dipso (Boy) Barman at Lily’s Lounge. Loyal to Lily.

The Countess (Girl) Forger. Coward with failing eyesight. Strong singer required

City Hall Officials

Mayor Buckledime (Boy) Mayor of Brokersville. Corrupt and weak, another in the pocket of The Mob.

Miss Moolah (Girl) City Finance Secretary. Works directly under Buckledime. Corrupt and ambitious, she admires Lily Lucre and would one day like to be just like her. Strong Singer required.

The rest of the cast can play several roles including ghetto kids, waiters, guests and dancers at Lily’s Lounge, members of The Mob and Federal Agents.