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Tin Pan Sally – ONLY £99.99!! – AVAILABLE NOW!!

Tin Pan Sally is a musical set in America during the Great Depression. Join Sally and her ghetto street gang as they uncover and foil a counterfeit operation involving the local mobster Lily Lucre and Mayor Buckledime. The show has everything from corrupt policemen to dancing girls.


This musical is packed with catchy, original songs with chorus sections and solos. The main character is Sally (female if you hadn't guessed) and there are lots of other roles for girls too. The storyline, songs, characters, artwork and gallery are below, so take a peek and get a feel for the show before you put it into production!

Drama drama drama

With some great characters to dress up as (and then even disguises for those characters to put on) and some very dramatic scenes to act out (a fake labour indeed!), performers love taking part in Tin Pan Sally and (whether sporting American accents or not) learning some of the ins and outs of America's Great Depression.


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Three sizes - A3, A4 & A5