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Tin Pan Sally is a musical set in America during the Great Depression. Join Sally and her ghetto street gang as they uncover and foil a counterfeit operation involving the local mobster Lily Lucre and Mayor Buckledime. The show has everything from corrupt policemen to dancing girls.


This musical is packed with catchy, original songs with chorus sections and solos. The main character is Sally (female if you hadn't guessed) and there are lots of other roles for girls too. The storyline, songs, characters, artwork and gallery are below, so take a peek and get a feel for the show before you put it into production!

Drama drama drama

With some great characters to dress up as (and then even disguises for those characters to put on) and some very dramatic scenes to act out (a fake labour indeed!), performers love taking part in Tin Pan Sally and (whether sporting American accents or not) learning some of the ins and outs of America's Great Depression.


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Tin Pan Sally is a musical theatre piece written to be performed by children.


The piece is set in fictitious Brokersville, Illinois, USA during the Great Depression. The action takes place primarily on a block of wasteland in the city centre known as Tin Pan, although owned by the City, it is a place used by the children from the surrounding ghettos. The rest of the action takes place between Lily’s Lounge, an illegal speak-easy run by the mobster Lily Lucre, and a warehouse used to print counterfeit money on the outskirts of the city.



The Tin Pan Gang (Musical Number 1).

The Tin Pan Gang go about their usual business when they discover Pintsize hiding. He is quickly accepted into the fold and introduced to the Tin Pan Gang. Police sirens are heard, the police arrive and the gang split. Sally manages to hide. Sergeant Bribski tells Officer Key to take a walk around the block. Bribski meets Miss Moolah for a payoff. We learn that Bribski has to keep Tin Pan free from undesirables. Miss Moolah leaves.

Look Out for Number One (Musical Number 2)

Bribski leaves.

Sally emerges, picks up a $10 bill, dropped by Bribski. Slowly the rest of the gang return. Officer Key returns and surprises them, he is more interested in the $10 bill than the gang. As he suspected the $10 bill is counterfeit. Moments later we discover that he has suspicions of widespread corruption between city hall, the police and the mob. He solicits the help of the kids and swears them in. He persuades Sally to disguise herself as a waitress and go to Lily’s Lounge that evening to find out more. They all leave except Sally who contemplates her instant love for Officer Key.

Simple Man (Musical Number 3)


Every Form of Life Right Here (Musical Number 4 )

Bribski and Officer Key sit at a table. At another table sits Mayor Buckledime and his Financial Secretary Miss Moolah. They flirt. A grand entrance is made by Lily Lucre. She schmoozes with the law before settling down at the mayor’s table. Sally enters with Pintsize hidden under a trolley; he sneaks under their table and hears the whole scam.

Lily Lucre intends to buy Tin Pan from the city for a cool $100, 000, paid with counterfeit money. Then within a few months she intends to sell it back to the city and receive legitimate dollars. With the help of the Mayor and Miss Moolah it is the perfect money laundering operation. Lily arranges to meet all concerned at a warehouse later that night to show them the counterfeit operation and arrange the deal. Lily Lucre entertains her guests.

Dreamboat (Musical Number 5)

Pintsize sneaks back out and informs Sally who in turn informs Officer Key. Bribski interrupts them and allows Officer Key to stay with Sally (the waitress). Officer Key and Sally plan to get Spike to spy on the mob at the warehouse and discover the time and place of the arranged deal. The couple then talk of their dreams.

Every Now and Then (Musical Number 6)



Sound of Money (Musical Number 7)

We discover a huge counterfeit operation going on, overseen by the legendary forger The Countess. Enter Lily, Titch, Buckledime and Miss Moolah. Lily’s guests are suitably impressed.

Life Ain’t Fair (Musical Number 8 )

Spike merges in with the workers and eavesdrops. The drop will take place at noon at Tin Pan where the land deeds will be handed over. The Countess will also deliver the printing plates to Lily’s Lounge first thing in the morning.


The gang are all there with Officer Key. Bribski has gone home to bed. Spike arrives and fills them in. Officer Key impresses upon them that the printing plates are vital evidence; with them he could call in The Feds- they hatch a plan. Officer Key leaves and the gang wait overnight.

It’s A Wonderful Life (If You Don’t Live Here) (Musical Number 9)

Dawn arrives. Mona signals the arrival of The Countess with suitcase in hand. They hide. As the Countess enters she is ambushed.

The Ambush (Musical Number 10 Instrumental)

Hornet manages to steal the keys of the suitcase but not the suitcase itself. Sirens are heard and Bribsky and Officer Key chase the kids off. The Countess is grateful. Sally enters, disguised as a heavily pregnant woman pushing a pram carrying Pintsize dressed as a baby and Switch as a little girl in tow. Sally fakes labour and causes a distraction which in turn allows Switch to swap suitcases. The Countess believes that she still has the suitcase that contains the printing plates although does not know where the keys are to open it. Officer Key helps the distressed new mother to hospital.


It is desolate except for the presence of Bribski and Officer Key. Bribski enquires after the mother. Key has no notion. Bribski tells Oficer Key that some important city officials are expected and to look out for anything that might disturb them. Officer Key exits. We hear cars draw up. The Mob arrives headed by Lily Lucre, soon followed by Buckledime and Miss Moolah. Tension rises as the counterfeit money and the deeds are exchanged. Just as Lily signs the deeds The Feds swoop, headed by Officer Keys uncle Federal Agent Goody. Everyone tries to escape as the Tin Pan Gang cover every possible exit.

The Swoop (Musical Number 11 - Instrumental).

Mob, city officials and Bribski are all arrested. Goody thanks the Gang and most of all Officer Key and Sally. Officer Key then declares his love for Sally. Spike becomes the head of the gang.

Millionaires (Musical Number 12)

Tin Pan Gang Reprise (Musical Number 13)