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One of our most popular musicals, the Secret Code is set in England during the Second World War. It follows a bunch of London evacuees to the English countryside as they try to crack a secret German code and save the country from invasion. This production goes down well with everybody and evokes some much-cherished nostalgia for the England of the 'olden days'! The performers love perfecting the accents (the East End characters in particular!) and the audience can enjoy trying to crack the code as much as they can enjoy the performance itself.


The show has everything from East End mums to inconspicuous spies. The original songs are infectious and there are plenty of roles for girls. Take a look at the show’s storyline and characters below then listen to the songs. There are also plenty of photos in the picture gallery so you can get a really good feel of what you can expect from your own production of the Secret Code musical.

World War

It isn't (quite) all fun and frolicking - this musical acknowledges the worry of the war while creating an upbeat musical about solidarity and working together. We haven't forgotten those important historic characters (the good and the bad) to make sure even the young performers know their stuff! Secret Code is a fresh, funny and entertaining musical providing a good old blast from the past!


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The characters fall into one of four groups.

  1. The Families and Evacuees from Jubilee Street
  2. The Staff and Pupils of Aylesbury School for Girls
  3. The German Commandos
  4. The Allies

1. The Families and Evacuees from Jubilee Street

Bert Picket (Boy) Head of the Picket Family. He is kind but firm. A true patriot who is a veteran of the First World War. Defiant and steadfast.

Ruby Picket (Girl) Mother of Picket Family . She is loving and is worried about her children’s safety when they leave. Strong singer required.

Rose Picket (Girl) Headstrong girl of 17. An evacuee. The eldest daughter of the Pickets. She is bright and tough. Looks after her sister as well as all the other evacuees from Jubilee Street. She, with Georgy, first discovers the secret code. Strong singer required.

Charlie Chester (Boy) Rose's intended. He works for the British Government on very sensitive projects and gets captured by German spies. Strong singer required.

Georgy Jones (Boy) Although a little younger, he is Albert’s best friend. He has a pet mouse called Monty. He discovers the secret code with Daisy.

Daisy Picket (Girl) Youngest child of the Pickets.

Warden (Girl/Boy) Informs the families of Jubilee Street that their houses have been bombed and their children will be evacuated the following day.

Mrs Nailhard (Girl) Real Eastender. Hard and tough. Husband away at war.

Nicky Nailhard (Girl/Boy) One of the twins of Mrs Nailhard. Very argumentative.

Norma Nailhard (Girl) The other of the twins of Mrs Nailhard. Also very argumentative.

Mrs Jones (Girl) Another typical Eastender. Mother of Georgy and friend of Mrs Picket.

Mrs Hare (Girl) Another typical Eastender. Mother of Harry Hare.

Harry Hare (Boy) An Eastend kid.

Mrs McSniff (Girl) Another typical Eastender. Very protective who indulges her daughter Willomena.

Willomena McSniff (Girl) A very sensitive girl who is apprehensive about going away.

2. The Staff and Pupils of Aylesbury School for Girls

Hans Snoek (Boy) The caretaker at the school. He was a Dutch Merchant Seaman who has been married to the cook for twenty five years. The children suspect he is a German spy. Strong singer required.

Cook Snoek (Girl) The school cook who met her husband Hans on the merchant ships . She is very firm. The children suspect she is working for the Germans. Strong singer required.

Headmistress Edith Floral (Girl) The head of School. On the surface she appears a scatty, bespectacled nature lover, but she is the true German spy leading a mission to topple the British Government. Her name is an anagram of Adolf Hitler.

Aria (Girl) A musically gifted pupil of 17 . She sticks up for the evacuees. She becomes friends with the Rose and has a bit of a crush on GI Joe . She helps decipher the secret code. Strong singer required.

Thomasina (Girl) Head Girl at the school. She is a snob that resents the intrusion of the evacuees to her school. She is the leader of a small clique of nasty girls.

Lucy (Girl) A pupil at the school. She belongs to Thomasina’s little clique.

Prudence (Girl) Another pupil at the school. She belongs to Thomasina’s little clique.

Henrietta (Girl) Another pupil at the school. She belongs to Thomasina’s little clique.

Beatrix (Girl) Another pupil at the school. She belongs to Thomasina’s little clique.

Eleanor (Girl) Another pupil at the school. She belongs to Thomasina’s little clique.

3. The German Commandos

Commandant Krieg (Girl) A German Commando disguised as a Squire's wife  who captures Charlie.

Squire (Boy) A German Commando disguised as an English country Squire who captures Charlie.


4. The Allies

GI Joe   An American soldier who is popular with the girls from Aylesbury.   He comes to the children’s rescue with his troops.

The rest of the cast can play several roles including Eastenders, Soldiers, Ambulance men, Wardens, Firemen, Evacuee children, Railway porters, Pupils of Girl School, German Commandos and the American allies.