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Boomadangbang! – COMING SOON !!

  • Boomadangbang! is a musical set in a holiday camp on the south-coast of England during the 1950s. The holiday camp is in trouble but the Pink Coats are determined to stop the imminent closure with the help of rock’n’roll! Choose this musical from our selection if you're looking for some brilliantly British fifties fun! and a production that will have you buying pop socks in bulk!


    Feuding guests to talent contestants, this show has a huge number of roles including lots of parts for females. Because the musical is all set within the Holiday Camp, scene changes are kept to a minimum (we like to think the cast are somewhat more exciting to look at!), so you can concentrate on costumes and perfecting the thumping songs written just for this show.

    Fifties fun!

    A musical set in the 1950s is just asking to be filled with pop socks, jive and rock'n'roll, Boomadangbang does not disappoint! Don't believe us? - Check out the gallery below for photos of Boomadangbang in action, as you can see - it is quite the spectacle! The storyline and characters are also outlined below so you can see just how many parts there are to be played and songs there are to be sung.