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Boomadangbang! – COMING SOON !!

  • Boomadangbang! is a musical set in a holiday camp on the south-coast of England during the 1950s. The holiday camp is in trouble but the Pink Coats are determined to stop the imminent closure with the help of rock’n’roll! Choose this musical from our selection if you're looking for some brilliantly British fifties fun! and a production that will have you buying pop socks in bulk!


    Feuding guests to talent contestants, this show has a huge number of roles including lots of parts for females. Because the musical is all set within the Holiday Camp, scene changes are kept to a minimum (we like to think the cast are somewhat more exciting to look at!), so you can concentrate on costumes and perfecting the thumping songs written just for this show.

    Fifties fun!

    A musical set in the 1950s is just asking to be filled with pop socks, jive and rock'n'roll, Boomadangbang does not disappoint! Don't believe us? - Check out the gallery below for photos of Boomadangbang in action, as you can see - it is quite the spectacle! The storyline and characters are also outlined below so you can see just how many parts there are to be played and songs there are to be sung.



Boomadangbang! is an ensemble musical theatre piece written to be performed by young performers.


The piece is set in the Stonelins holiday camp in the fictitious coastal town of Sandy Hollow-On-Sea during the 1950s. The action takes place entirely within the confines of the holiday camp, the chalets and the main entertainment hall.



Opening Dance Number - Tap (Music Number 1)

The staff of Stonelins Holiday Camp prepare for a new intake. Sidebottom calls a staff meeting and announces that due to falling numbers the Holiday camp is due for imminent closure. It looks like the team will be split up and possibly transferred. Sidebottom has to go to head office to cover for their ailing boss, Sidney Stonelins. He introduces the new caretaker Fred. Miss Fairbright is left in charge and convinces the Pink Coats that the only way to save the camp is by staging an event. Doreen suggests a rock’n’roll singing contest to appeal to the younger guests, much to the dismay of Mrs Smith-Jones.

Boomadangbang! – Song and Dance (Music Number 2)


Miss Fairbright shows the Fletcher family and Archer family to their respective chalets. Billy and Hope see each other for the first time and are absolutely smitten. Independently the families read the events list and the week’s highlight – a Song contest. Minnie decides to enter despite Billy’s teasing. Mr Archer forbids his girls, especially Hope, from entering the contest. As Faith and Charity go for a stroll, they bump into Minnie in front of the chalets. Charity is impressed by Minnie’s cool look. They exit. Billy and Hope leave their respective chalets at the same time and Billy asks her out for a date, but she says her father doesn’t allow her to go out with boys. Vinnie and Blunt arrive and take Billy off. Hope has fallen for Billy and is overawed.

Because Of You (Music Number 3)

The Pop Socks enter towards the end of her number and tease her. Minnie arrives, shortly followed by Faith and Charity back from their stroll. Charity is absolutely taken with the Pop Socks’ outfits and Minnie allows her to join their gang. Billy enters and is immediately pounced on by Squeeze who claims Billy as her boyfriend. This upsets Hope who runs off. Billy is angry and storms off. This in turn upsets Squeeze who is comforted by Minnie and the Pop Socks.

Wedding Song - Song and Dance (Music Number 4)

The girls fall about laughing as Fred the caretaker enters with Tracey’s triplets who have been misbehaving. The Pop Socks take no notice of him.

Pop Socks Song – Song and Dance (Music Number 5)


Miss Fairbright announces to Doreen, Fred and Mrs Smith-Jones that through her contacts in the music industry she has managed to book the latest rock’n’roll heartthrob Little Eric to guest star at the contest. He will even judge the contest and his music producer will offer a recording contract as first prize. Mrs Smith-Jones refuses to teach the youngsters jive and will only teach them ballroom.


Ballroom Dance/Jive – Dance (Music Number 6)

The dance practice starts with Mrs Smith-Jones demonstrating the waltz. Everybody is bored rigid Miss Fairbright enters with Doreen and the Caretaker. She is not impressed. She whistles to the band off stage who immediately play rock’n’roll. Mrs Smith-Jones is bewildered. Everybody else jumps up and starts jiving, Flo even grabs the caretaker. Billy and Hope really connect, they are made for each other. Everybody is having great fun. Mrs Smith-Jones sits by the sidelines.

Billy convinces Hope that he is not Squeeze’s boyfriend and they go for a stroll. Charity enters and is dressed like the Pop Socks but she hasn’t got it quite right. Minnie is convinced that she will win the contest and seeks a guarantee from Charity that Hope will not enter the contest. Mr Archer enters and is horrified at Charity’s outfit and sends her to her chalet. Hope then enters with Billy and Mr Archer scolds her and sends her to the chalet. He forbids Billy from seeing Hope. Everybody exits except Billy and the Pink Coats who are clearing up.

Give Hope To Me (Music Number 7)


As before, although the families are in their respective chalets the action happens simultaneously. Billy is despondent and goes out for a walk. Mr Archer suggests a family day out to the sea-side but his girls are giving him the cold shoulder. Mrs Archer persuades Mr Archer to allow the girls a little more freedom. He reluctantly agrees and permits Hope to enter the competition. The girls are overjoyed except Charity who rushes out of her chalet over to the Fletcher’s chalet. She informs Minnie of the latest development and Minnie is not happy and begins to hatch a plan.

Minnie’s Song – (Musical Number 8 )


The triplets and other children play as Hope enters by herself. One of the children falls and cries out. Hope goes to help.

Hope’s Kidnap – Dance – (Music Number 9)

The children act as a decoy and Hope is surrounded by the Pop Socks, led by Minnie, then abducted and taken away. Doreen enters in the middle of this and witnesses it. She exits.


This scene is split between the main action of the hall and a broom cupboard.
Everybody is in the hall for the big song contest, except Minnie, Doreen and Hope. Miss Fairbright introduces Little Eric and the crowd goes wild.

Little Eric’s Song – Song & Dance – (Music Number 10)

Mr Sidebottom returns.


Hope is gagged and bound locked in the broom cupboard. Minnie has captured Hope and won’t release her until after the competition. As she leaves she steps in a bucket.


Billy looks for Hope in the hall but can’t find her. Minnie enters. There is a terrible smell. Minnie and The pop Socks sing their song. They are awful.

Minnie’s Song – (Music Number 11)

Doreen rushes in and sees Billy and informs him that she saw what happened to Hope. Billy confronts Minnie who refuses to reveal Hope’s whereabouts. Doreen identifies the terrible smell as cleaning fluid used in the pool house. Billy rushes to the pool house. A note arrives and Sidebottom announces that Doreen is to become a fully-fledged Pink Coat.

Doreen’s Song – Song – (Music Number 12)


Billy discovers Hope and unties her and removes her gag. They race back to the contest.


Little Eric is about to announce the winners as Hope and Billy enter. After much protestation Hope is allowed to sing.

The Archer Girl’s Song – Song & Dance – (Music Number 13)

The contest is finally over. There is much discussion amongst the judges.
Little Eric steps forward and announces Hope as the winner.

The caretaker removes a cap and wig to reveal his true identity as Sidney Stonelins – the owner of Stonelins Holiday Camps. He declare that the camp will not shut and makes Doreen the Head of Entertainment. He announces his retirement and promotes Sidebottom and Miss Fairbright to head the company from Head Office. He also asserts that every weekend in a Stonelin’s Camp will be a Boomadangbang week-end. Everybody couples up and, led by Billy and Hope they all dance to …..

BOOMADANGBANG' – Song & Dance – (Music Number 14)