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Singing and Dancing on Stage

Here you will find the list of musicals we've prepared for your school or group productions. We've tried and tested a lot over the years, we've cut a pasted bits from one into chunks from another. We have digested what makes the audience laugh and which numbers the students like performing the best, we've sussed out the pieces that always ended in disaster and which parts were the crowd pleasers... and we've sorted them into fabulous musicals to be performed and adored by all.

We all love a musical

Musicals can make you feel on top of the world, but there's a lot of work involved in thinking up a great production and choregraphing it, and there's a lot of worrying about something going wrong or the audience not enjoying it. So we wanted to remove the stress from a school or group musical - our resources let you relax and enjoy the ride knowing that the performance will be a success and showcase the talent of the group.

What we can offer

Everything. Yes indeed - from the scripts and the lyrics, to the backing tracks and even the artwork, we provide everything you will need (even vocal guide recordings to perfect the songs!). See below for the selection of musicals you have to choose from - we know it'll be difficult to pick just one, so we suggest simply starting at the beginning and working your way through them all!!

King Adda-Adda is the King of Rottingdean. He hasn't got a palace or crown, but he has got two best friends called Pib & Laddie. When he finds out... Read in Full >>

Tin Pan Sally is a musical set in America during the Great Depression. Join Sally and her ghetto street gang as they uncover and foil a counterfeit operation involving... Read in Full >>

Boomadangbang! is a musical set in a holiday camp on the south-coast of England during the 1950s. The holiday camp is in trouble but the Pink Coats are determined... Read in Full >>

One of our most popular musicals, the Secret Code is set in England during the Second World War. It follows a bunch of London evacuees to the English countryside... Read in Full >>