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All Licences will be issued when you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions (please read carefully) and on completion of the application form, and payment. You will receive your licence/s within 7 days under separate cover.

These licence fees provide the main source of income for our writers and composers without which there would be no musicals.

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Public Performance Licence

A Public Performance Licence grants the rights to perform a specified songanddancekidz.com musical to the public. All public performances of songanddancekidz.com musicals require a valid licence. A licence must be in existence at the time of each performance.

This can be purchased when you order your musical products or at least 21 days prior to the first performance. The cost varies according to size of venue and number of performances. Please see below.

Number of Audience(approx.)                                   Cost of Licence per Performance

1 - 100                                                                                                                £50.00

100 - 200                                                                                                            £65.00

200 - 300                                                                                                            £80.00

300 - 400                                                                                                            £100.00

400+                                                                                                                  £120.00


Blanket licences such as PRS or CCL do not cover songanddancekidz .com musicals.

Video Licence

A Video Licence grants permission for photographic and video/auditory recordings of performances and rehearsals of songanddancekidz.com musicals to be distributed or sold.

This licence is only needed if you intend to record and distribute/sell copies of your production. This can be purchased when you order your musical products. The cost of the Licence is £50.00.

Please note that most Video Recording Companies will require a copy of this licence.