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Looking for an original musical for young performers?

Look no further! Songanddancekidz.com is a one-stop shopping site that provides everything you need to mount a memorable show at the click of a mouse. All our scripts, backing tracks and poster designs can be downloaded in minutes.

What makes us different from the rest?

Experience has shown us that the overwhelming majority of young performers are FEMALE, however, the amount of decent roles available for girls in the average musical does not reflect this fact. At songanddancekidz our musicals are specifically written to redress this balance and provide many more core roles for girls as well as boys. The large majority of our main characters are female. No more dressing up as boys!

What we can offer

Our sublime array of musicals are all unique and each is written and choreographed by those in the know to ensure your musical performance is jam packed with singing, dancing and acting that your performers will love to perform and your audience will adore to watch. We've tested songs, dances, plots and even jokes to see what works (and what does not!) and have concocted our musicals from the cream of the crop - just have a gander at our testimonials pages to see how well our musicals have been received by everybody involved as well as what the all important audience members think.

Singing and Dancing on Stage Here you will find the list of musicals we've prepared for your school or group productions. We've tried and tested... read more »

All Licences will be issued when you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions (please read carefully) and on completion of the application form,... read more »